Sealing aluminum tape


Sealing aluminum tape serves for joining and plating insulation materials, air conditioning or ventilation units, protective cover for hose and cable bandages etc. It has excellent vapor-proof properties, resistant to UV radiation, heat radiation and aging. The tape is made of pure aluminum foil and covered with an acrylic adhesive layer on one side.



0,07 mm

Breaking strength:

50 N / 25 mm

Adhesion to metal:

22,5 N / 25 mm

Tape resistance:

from -30°C to+85°C

Application temperature:

from +5°C to +40°C

Storage temperature:

from +5°C to +35°C

Sealing aluminum tape
Catalog sheet
Supply No. Name Width Lenght Package
    (mm) (m) (pcs)
21901030 Sealing aluminum tape 50mm/50m             50 50 1
21901040 Sealing aluminum tape 75mm/50m             75 50 1
21901050 Sealing aluminum tape 100mm/50m                    100 50 1