Piping and pipeline systems enable the transportation of gas and liquid media in various environments and under various physical conditions. All requirements imposed on piping directly influence the way of its anchorage.

KOŇAŘÍK® závěsová technika a.s. is a Czech producer and supplier of components for the fixing of piping and pipeline systems. Narrow concentration on the fixing of pipeline systems is only apparent as it represents a wide range of more than 5,000 stock items for different applications.

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The origin of the company dates back to 1994 when the home trade was only supplied by single-screw pipe clamps with a rubber lining of a diameter of 1/8“ to 6/4“, two-screw pipe clamps of a diameter of 1/4“ to 6“ and basic assortment of other products necessary for the fixing of the pipe clamps to walls and ceilings, i.e. brackets, fixing rails, sets for pipe clamp fixing to brackets and fixing rails, threaded rods and KOMBI screws for pipe clamp fixing right into the wall. This assortment was targeted at construction and installation companies dealing with water-heating-gas sector and it has represented a significant part of the firm’s production up to this day.



Apart from the water-heating-gas sector we presently supply suspensions for air conditioning, rustless programme and steel piping mounting components in compliance with ČSN and ON standards. Within the scope of air conditioning we offer a complex suspension system for the field of cooling and ventilation. Pipe clamps for ventilation piping of a diameter of 80 mm to 1 250 mm and larger diameters to the requirements are designed for the anchorage of air piping of a circular section, especially the so-called spiro piping. We also offer components for the fixing of square air piping, air conditioning units and the like. Rustless programme is designed for the fixing of pipes in food-processing industry, chemical and petroleum operations and at constructing wastewater treatment plants and car wash-stands.

The base is formed by a two-screw pipe clamp made of stainless steel with/without a rubber lining and additional anchoring stainless material, i.e. fixing rails, brackets, threaded rods, KOMBI screws, sets for the fixing of pipe clamps to the fixing rails and brackets and other small material. The product listing also includes piping mounting components made in compliance with ČSN and ON standards. These components are intended for the anchorage of steel piping up to DN 800. Products such as round and/or flat iron pipe clips, sliding supports, anchor stands, spring suspensions or clamps with two, three and four screws are well known for the professional construction public. These products are used particularly in the anchoring of dilatable steel piping owing to changes in the temperature of media or external environment. They include hot water and steam piping, district heating piping stored in an exterior location, etc. During our 26-year activity on the market not only have we extended the assortment of products but we have improved the quality of services as well. At present we manage a team of trained sales representatives covering the total area of the Czech and Slovak Republics. Along with the engineering department we can offer business partners support including design, project documentation processing up and technical support right at construction sites. In need of any of the KOŇAŘÍK® components of piping fixing, the customers can make use of any of the following possibilities. The basic source of information is a 216-colour-page catalogue of products in A4 format providing all information concerning the products: name, mounting instructions, application field, photographs, dimensional technical sketch, table with supply numbers and dimension specifications, technical data and schematic mounting procedure.

In case of any further specification sales representatives are ready to help in individual regions as well as other personnel of the company’s Sales and Technical Departments. Indisputable advantage of our company is domestic production, which is reflected both in favourable prices of our products and possibilities of atypical products in compliance with the customer’s requirements. Atypical products are profusely used in isolated piping anchorage in connection with piping external diameters different from standard dimension series, production of brackets of specified lengths or auxiliary constructional elements.


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The quality of suspension technology components is constantly watched; certified products are subject to current quality check and periodic testing of mechanical properties. The effort in this sphere enables us to provide a 20-year guarantee for the basic product assortment, i.e. guarantee for anchorage components throughout their planned total operating lifetime.