Mamut glue (High tack)


Modern single-component glue, MS polymer-based with instant fixation and an extremely high initial alloy of up to 500 kg/m2. Specially designed for gluing without the necessary fixation of joints – it holds instantly. It produces air moisture by vulcanization, forming a high-strength, elastic joint.


Gluing of structural watertight connections in the construction and machinery industries.

Gluing in the interiors and exteriors of buildings.

Gluing together car parts, buses, caravans, passenger cars.

Gluing body parts – metal to metal.

Gluing of stainless steel, aluminium, copper, lead, glass, PS, PUR, PVC and certain types of plastics, concrete, ceramic tiles, enamel, mirrors, wood, masonry, plasterboard, etc.

Gluing of staircases, sills, floor strips, cladding elements, etc.

Mamut glue (High tack)
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