Sliding hanger


Sliding hanger is suitable for fixing suspended pipelines on the ceiling. It allows pipe expansion due to thermal expansion and thus prevent unwanted forces to act on pipe clamps and on another mounting accessories. On one side, it has a welded stud bolt which is either anchored directly to the ceiling by drop-in anchor or is attached in fi xing rail by slide nut. On other side, there is part bended to U shape with hole where M8, M10 or M12 hexagon nut DIN934 is inserted for attachment of threaded rod on which pipe clapm can be screwed.

Supply No.  Name  D E H K L M T Package
    (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)   (mm) (pcs)
41000000 Sliding hanger M10/13mm UNI 13 40 46 51 100 M10 3 10