Wire and plastic mesh sleeves


With wire and plastic mesh sleeves apply chemical mortar to the pre-drilled holes in hollow materials.

Wire and plastic mesh sleeves
Catalog sheet
Supply No. Name Package
81600108 Wire mesh sleeves. 12,5x1000mm (for M8/M10) 1
81600112 Wire mesh sleeves 15,0x1000mm (for  M12) 1
81600116 Wire mesh sleeves 20,5x1000mm (for M16) 1
81600120 Wire mesh sleeves 26,0x1000mm (for M20) 1
81611050  Plastic mesh sleeve 10x50mm (for M6) 10
81611380  Plastic mesh sleeve 15x80mm (for M8/10) 10
81611390  Plastic mesh sleeve 15x130mm (for M8/10) 10
81611885  Plastic mesh sleeve 20x85mm (for M16) 10