Trapezoidal sheet hanger type TZ regulation nut


It is used for fixing on trapezoidal sheets. By means of the mechanism of adjustable bending parts the hanger can be easily adjusted for different profiles of trapezoidal sheets. The hanger can be supplied including an adjusting nut for additional height readjustment.


Stud bolt M8x120, metric bolt DIN933/931 M8x120 or self-drilling screws DIN7504 are most commonly used to attach trapezoidal hanger to trapezoidal sheet. To make holes in trapezoidal sheets, we use hand pliers for trapezoidal sheets.

Technical data:


steel class 5.6

Surface coating:

zinc plated

Supply No.  Name  B D1 D2 H M T V Safe load Package
zinc plated   (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kN) (pcs)
22000008 Trapezoidal sheet hanger with regulation nut M8 25 10,5 4,2 110,5 M 8 2,5 95 1,3 100
22000010 Trapezoidal sheet hanger with regulation nut M10 25 10,5 4,2 110,5 M10 2,5 95 1,3 100