Spacer for gas meter, regulation, short and long


Regulation spacer for gas meter is designed for stabilizing the gas pipe line with continuous regulation of span from 85 to 105 mm (short) and from 200 to 240 mm (long).


For gas meters, it is prescribed the need to stabilize span of intake and outlet pipes of the gas meter with a spacer, which conductively connects the pipe and is located at a minimum distance from the gauge. Other requirements are to make intake and outlet pipe spacing within tolerance, ensuring alignment of the faces of the bearing surfaces on the gas meter neck and eliminate the influence of dilation on the gauge. Spacers are characterized by sufficient rigidity and good corrosion protection. In terms of function, they meet the requirements for simple assembly and disassembly.

Technical data:


 steel class 5.6

Surface coating:

zinc plated

Supply No. Name C D M Package
    (mm) (mm)   (pcs)
50410054 Short regulation spacer 5/4“ 95 -120 52 M8 50
50324001 Long regulation spacer 1“ 195 – 270 42 M8 25
50324054 Long regulation spacer 5/4“ 205 – 280 52 M8 25