Perforated tape


The simple mounting perforated tape for example for hanging of ventilation tubes or provisional hanging of pipes or also for fixation of pipes to the floor. For anchoring is important choose the correct fasteners according to the hole diameter in perforated tape.

Technical data:

Surface coating:

zinc plated

Perforated tape

Water, heat, gas

Ventilation and air conditioning

Waste pipes

Electrical installation


Steel pipes

Plastic pipes

Copper pipes

Air Ducts

Electrical cables

Supply No.  Name  A D K L T Package 
    (mm) (mm) (mm) (m) (mm) (pcs) 
21800012 Perforated tape 12 8 5,0 12 10 0,7 1
21800017 Perforated tape 17 10 6,5 17 10 0,7 1
21800026 Perforated tape 26 17 8,2 26 10 1,0 1