Mounting tool for drilling machines and manual tightening


The mounting tool is a patent-protected product which facilitates and speeds the mounting of COMBI screws, threaded rods and stud bolts.


It automatically dislodges from a screw or thread after tightening. It is manufactured for M6, M8, M10 and M12 threads.

Supply No. Name L M Package
    (mm) Thread (pcs)
22300006 Mounting tool for ACCU M6  56 M6 1
22300008 Mounting tool for ACCU M8 56 M8 1
22300010 Mounting tool for ACCU M10 56 M10 1
22300012 Mounting tool for ACCU M12 56 M12 1
22300808 Hand mounting tool M8 113 M8 1
22300810 Hand mounting tool M10 121 M10 1