Descriptive plaque


It helps to indicates the type of piping, media and flow direction.

Mounting examples of fixing onto the wall:

descriptive plaque M8 + KOMBI screw M8 +nut M8 DIN 934 + wall dowel H10(H12)

descriptive plaque M8 + hammer screw KOMBI M8

Mounting examples of fixing onto the tube:

descriptive plaque M8 + perforated tape or hose clamp or cable tie type ZIP.

descriptive plaque M8 + threaded pin + 2x nutDIN 934 + pipe clamp with head M8

Mounting examples of fixing onto the fixing rail:

descriptive plaque M8 + fixing rail + slide T-bolt M8

descriptive plaque M8 + threaded rod + 2x nut DIN 934 + washer M8 + slide nut M8 + fixing rail 

Technical data:


steel class 5.6

Surface coating:

zinc plated

Supply No.  Name  D H L Package
      (mm)  (mm)  (pcs)
70100008 Descriptive plaque M8 set (plate, self-adhesive tape, plastic cover) M8 50 100 50
70100010 Spare label 1