Canalization drain type UNI – bottom type


The product is intended for drainage of rain water (surface water) into sewerage systems outside buildings. Allows connection of gutter downspouts.

Inside anti-odor dry flap prevents backflow of water vapor (anti-surge water), corrosive gases and odors from the sewerage drains.


In place of gutter downspout to create a excavation of dimension 35 x 40 cm, depth 20 cm.

The input cover has at the bottom side rings with designation of diameter. Cut the hole so that the number dropped out selected diameter. Diameter of 125 mm cut  out outside the larg circle.

Connect the drain to the sewerage pipe and attach also the gutter lead 2-4 cm below the edge of the drain, which is protected by the input cover.

Cover up by foil the visible part before installing. After anchor the body drain.

Recommended minimum cleaning interval – 2 times per year. More frequently near trees.

Technical data:


PP with UV stabilizer


320×160×255 mm


DN 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 125


DN 125 (cutting of  DN 110) / DN 110 

Complies with:

EN 1253, load class K3

Max. allowable laod:

3000 N, and short term max. 7000 N 

Canalization drain type UNI – bottom type
Catalog sheet
Supply No. Name Flow rate Diamater Package
    (l/min) (mm) (pcs)
99030150 Canalization drain DN 110 400 110/125 18