Canalization drain – side


The product is intended for drainage of rain water (surface water) into sewerage systems outside buildings. Allows connection of gutter downspouts.

Inside anti-odor dry flap prevents backflow of water vapor (anti-surge water), corrosive gases and odors from the sewerage drains.


Building height 180 mm.

Waste pipe – diameter 110 mm.

Eccentric rings for connecting of gutter downspout – diameter 80 – 125 mm.

Grid for caught dirt and dust.

Possibility of using a stainless steel grid against rodents.

Dry flap against the surge of water and odors from sewage.

The material contains UV stabilizers prevent fading of the surface drain.

Stopper against the mooving lead to throat of drain.

Lock case for fixation of of drain in the subfloor.

Cover lock.

Technical data:


PP with UV stabilizer


365x155x180 mm


80 – 125 mm


110 mm

Complies with:

ČSN EN 145-1, load class K3

Canalization drain – side
Catalog sheet
Supply No. Name Flow rate Diamater Package
    (l/min) (mm) (pcs)
99030160 Canalization drain DN 110 390 110 4