Saddle clamp ST, roof type


The saddle clamp ST roof type is a fast solution for a variety of rooftop applications. Maximum recommended use on sloped rooftops with less then 1/12 pitch unless there is a structural attachment of the supports to the roof structure.


The saddle clamp ST roof type is UV stable, corrosion resistant, and durable over an extensive temperature range.


The Saddle clamps ST roof type are supplied with 1pcs of metric bolts DIN933, 1pcs washers and 1pcs slide nuts for fixing rails ST.

Technical data:


Polyethylene, Polypropylene, steel

Surface coating:

hot-dip galvanized

Maximum safe static load:

3,3 kN

Use within temperature range:

from -34°C to 54°C

Supply No.  Name  H K x K Suitable for profile Package
    (mm) (mm)    (pcs)
35360422 Saddle clamp ST, roof type 117 314 x 314 ST41x41, 2xST41x21 1