Stabilizator spacer for gas meter


For the gas meter is a need to stabilize the prescribed span inlet and outlet pipe gas meter spacer, which electrically connects the pipe line and is located at a minimum distance from the meter. Other requirements are that span inlet and outlet should be within the tolerance, ensure coaxiality levels bearing surfaces on the throat of the gas meter and eliminate the eff ects of dilatation on the meter. The gas meter spacers are distinguished by suffi cient rigidity and good anticorrosion protection. From the perspective of functions meet the requirements for simple assembly and disassembly.

Technical data:



Surface coating:

without surface coating

Supply No. Name           For pipe Package
              D (mm) (pcs)
50500001 Stabilizator spacer for gas meter 3–threaded           32 (1”) 8
50500002 Stabilizator spacer for gas meter 4–threaded           32 (1”) 8